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I certify all of the above information is true and complete. I acknowledge that false information herein may constitute grounds for rejection for this Application, termination of right of occupancy and non-return of fees and deposits.


I hereby authorize Owner to use reasonable and necessary means, including any credit reporting agency, current and previous employer, current and former landlord, law enforcement agency, any check authorization agency, and state employment security agency, to release all information any of them may have about me. I hereby release all of these parties, including but not limited to the Owner and any agency designated by Owner, from any liability in connection with release of such information. I hereby authorize Owner to obtain and hereby instruct any credit reporting agency designated by Owner to furnish a credit report under The Fair Credit Reporting Act to Owner to use such credit report in attempting to collect any amounts due and owing under the Housing Contract or   the Guaranty of Resident Obligations or for any other permissible purpose.


I hereby pay to Owner a Non-Refundable Application Fee for processing this Application. I acknowledge the Non-Refundable Application Fee shall not be refunded for any reason.


I hereby pay to Owner a Non-Refundable Administration Fee for processing the Housing Contract. I acknowledge that this fee does not assure me of a Housing Contract or bedroom. In the event a bedroom cannot be leased to Applicant or if the Application is not approved, the Non-Refundable Administration Fee will be refunded. If the Application is withdrawn within 72 hours after signing this Application, the Non-Refundable Administration Fee will be refunded. In order to withdraw this Application, I must provide written notice to Owner and such notice will only be effective on the date Owner actually receives such notice. If I do not enter into the Housing Contract for any reason, the Non-Refundable Administration Fee will be retained as liquidated damages by Owner.


If I cannot prove income and/or do not meet the qualifying credit history, I will obtain a Guarantor who will sign a Guaranty of Resident Obligations. In the event I submit an executed Housing Contract but do not submit an executed Guaranty of Resident Obligations as and when required by Owner, Owner shall have the right to require me to honor my obligations under and comply with all obligations of the Housing Contract. All applicants must be 18 years of age or older to apply for housing.


By signing below I represent that I have read and agree to all provisions of this Application.

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